Converted from Drupal…

Well I finally gave up on using Drupal to run my site and converted everything over to WordPress.  So far WordPress has been a lot easier to work with, though I couldn’t find any tools to import my old Drupal data, but I did find some how-tos showing how to import a SQL dump into WordPress.

I still had to go back and edit almost every single post to fix formatting issues, which wasn’t so bad but was certainly tedious.

I also added some posts that were previously non-public after sanitizing some of the data in them.  Unfortunately there are some scripts that I can’t share that I would like to due to them being specific to my current employer’s environment.

Also, due to restructuring a few months ago at work I no longer work daily with Exchange so I may not have as many tidbits to share, but I’m hoping to become comfortable enough with SharePoint (not 2010 unfortunately – I will miss PowerShell greatly) to begin sharing some useful bits of knowledge as I pick up that skill in the future.

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