PowerShell pscmdlet.writedebug vs Write-Debug

In working on some script based cmdlets I noticed some inconsistent behavior related to the Preference variables.  The $pscmdlet automatic variable provides several methods for interacting with a pipeline, including it’s own WriteDebug function which performs similarly to the Write-Debug cmdlet.  Supposedly it respects the $DebugPreference variable the same way as Write-Debug does, but in my testing I discovered this not to be the case.

Given the following example code, If you run the script with a -debug arguement it should output two lines of debug output without halting the script for permission to continue (the default action when -debug is specified is ‘Inquire’).

Note that if you change a preference variable inside of a script block, it will reset when that script block is completed which is why you have to set the value in the BEGIN and PROCESS block.

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